COMBAT CONNECTOR - Stainless Steel

$165.00 AUD

Braces Size

Add the Combat Connector to your existing Combat Bulldog Harness to attach it to a jockstrap, belt or a cockring.

Designed to fit our Combat Bulldogs only.

The addition of the Combat Connector gives you 3 more options.

  • Full body harness. One strap attached to a cockring. The other to a jock or belt
  • Full body harness. Both straps attached to a jock or belt
  • Full body harness. Both straps attached to a cockring.

Worn like a pair of braces/suspenders, with the front straps over the chest.

Measurement based on your existing Combat Bulldog chest size and your braces size, measured while wearing pants.

Made with heavy black bonded nylon thread stitching.

Stainless steel rings, buckles, and rivets.

Triple layer construction.

Lined with soft black leather.

Includes 2 sizes of rubber cockrings to suit your size.

Combat Bulldog Harness and Jockstrap Sold Separately

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