"REX" PUP MASK - Doberman

$350.00 AUD


"REX" is our first pup hood.

He's black with brown snout and ears.

Made entirely of soft leather that is thick enough to keep its shape but super comfortable to wear.

He's even got wire in his ears so you can mould them according to your mood.

We've tried to make "REX" as versatile as possible. His ears clip off so you can customize it with different colour ears, and his jaw snaps off so you can put on a different jaw with a tongue.

All Pup masks come with 2 standard jawpieces. One leather one and an elastic one for more comfort during extended play. Extra jaw piece with tongue is available as an optional extra. Choose between a matching colour or a red tongue.

This mask is easy to put on and off with 3 straps in the back which all have adjustable snaps.

Comes in 3 sizes. Check the size chart and measure your head to ensure a good fit.

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