UPDATES regarding COVID-19

Message from Derrick and Richard, the guys behind ARMY OF MEN. 

*** UPDATED AS OF JAN 7th, 2022

Due to the current spread of the Omicron variant and its impact on flights and courier workers, international deliveries out of Australia are experiencing some delays. Flight schedules have been cut back and many locations are only receiving weekly deliveries.

If you need anything before a certain date please email us at info@armyofmen.com and we will give you the latest estimate from DHL Express, but please understand that recent delays have been unpredictable and that is expected to continue for the next few months.

For the moment, Australian orders are largely unaffected.


*** UPDATED AS OF MAY 6th, 2020

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, it has become clear to us that international deliveries through the postal systems are experiencing increasing problems and delays.

Most destinations are experiencing additional delays of between 3- 5 weeks, parcel tracking has been reduced, and inquiries into lost or missing parcels are not being attended to.

It is an extremely frustrating situation for both us and our customers, so as a result, we are currently suspending our free international shipping service which goes through these postal systems.

Our International express courier service, remains largely unaffected, and for the near future, will be the only available option for international customers at checkout.

For the moment, Australian orders are also largely unaffected.

Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, email us at info@armyofmen.com.


*** UPDATED AS OF APRIL 1st, 2020 

We just want to say that for us here, it’s still business as usual.

Sydney is in a partial lockdown but we are able to bunker down in our workshop and keep working.

The 2 of us make all the orders from start to finish. We are following all government guidelines regarding social distancing, applying additional cleaning measures in our workshop, and ensuring that no-one besides the 2 of us is allowed into our workspace.

We are well stocked with leather and materials, and all couriers are considered an essential service, so deliveries are not yet impacted.

The only exception is for international customers, where we would currently recommend that you select Express Shipping as it is much less likely to be delayed.

Standard free international shipping is dependent on passenger flights, many of which have been canceled, so delays are likely. The order will still get to you eventually, but just understand that there could be additional delays.


If you any questions about the changing situation email us at info@armyofmen.com.


We will be keeping a close eye on things and update this page when we have any new or changing information.

Rest assured that if any order ends up undeliverable as a result, we will work with you to arrange alternatives or refunds.


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See you all on the other side.