This will depend on the Customs agency of the country being delivered to and whether the value of your order falls under the Tax-free threshold for import duties, if your country has such a threshold.
All import taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer.
For more information please check with your local Customs office.

Many locations, most notably the UK, EU, Canada will charge you Tax and Duty on imported leather goods from Australia.

Please note that Australian export regulations require us to declare the exact value of goods on customs invoices. We are prohibited from declaring orders at a lower value or declaring it as a gift to reduce customs duties or taxes.

We are a made-to-order business.
This means we start hand-making your gear once you have placed an order. 

There is a manufacturing time and delivery time estimator on our product pages. These dates are our best estimation. They are not a guarantee.

Manufacturing time. The bit we have some control over.
Our manufacturing times are updated daily. The time will vary depending on the number of outstanding orders and other work commitments. 
If we expect to take longer we will contact you to explain why and offer other options. 

Delivery time. The bit we have no control over.
This is a rough estimate that covers both domestic and international orders.
Australian Express Post may be a bit quicker, and rural international deliveries may take a bit longer.
Once we have shipped your gear, the most accurate delivery date will be available from the courier. 
If your parcel has not been delivered by the expected date, contact both us and the courier in your area to lodge an inquiry.

If you need your gear before a particular date, "Leave a note with your order" on the Cart page or e-mail us the details and we will try our best.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com

If you want to add to a completed order you can either place a new order and we will refund you the shipping cost, or contact us for a discount code so you don't have to pay the shipping charge twice.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com

Not at this stage.
We are an online business based in Sydney, Australia.
Everything is handmade to order, so even if you visited our workshop you'd probably not find anything to try on.

Our only retail stockist, where you can browse our products in-person is GEAR Berlin, in Berlin, Germany.

Once a year we have a Samples and Seconds Sale at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day, usually late February.
Keep your eyes on our social pages.

We do our best, but variations in screen displays mean we cannot guarantee the colour you see will be the exact colour you receive.
If you aren't happy we have an easy RETURNS & EXCHANGES policy.

Sizing standards vary a lot, so we highly recommend you invest in a tape measure and get a friend to help if you’re unsure.
Our SIZE CHARTS have all the info.
If you fall outside our size range, we may still be able to make you what you want.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com

Most of our harnesses have an effective range of a bit over 4" (10cm).
A size 40 (chest between 40" and 42") will comfortably fit a chest down to 39" on the smallest setting and up to 43" on the largest.

Our jockstraps have a waist adjustment range of 6" (15cm).
A size 36 (waist between 36" and 38") will comfortably fit a waist down to 34" and up to 40".

Our belts have a waist adjustment range of 5" (12.7cm).
A size 36 (waist between 36" and 38") will comfortably fit a waist between 34.5" and 39.5".

Unfortunately we don't have the time to do custom design work.
However, we will consider customisations of our existing range, such as changes to the colours of leather, threads, and hardware.
For example, our Colour Combat range can be made with stainless steel hardware instead of black.
Email your custom requests to info@armyofmen.com

Leather is a natural product, and keeping it in good condition requires proper care and storage.

• Wipe with a damp cloth.
• Hang to dry.
• Use leather conditioner.
• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

For more detailed information check out our PRODUCT CARE page.

Since we make everything in-house, we are usually able to repair it as well.
If you've been playing rough and something gets damaged, breaks, or is badly scratched contact us and we will see what we can do.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com

We currently accept Paypal and credit card payments listed in the in the footer of our website.
All purchases will be processed and authorized by Shopify Payments or Paypal.

We do not store or see the credit card details.

We do not accept payment via cheque, bank transfer or any method other than those listed above.

Geolocation software is used to set the currency both displayed and used at checkout.
You can Checkout in a number of commonly used currencies to avoid paying currency conversion fees.
You can change the currency using the drop down menu on the Home page
If your currency is not displayed send us an email and we will see if we can add it.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com.

If your currency is not displayed in the drop down menu send us an email and we will see if we can add it.
E-mail: info@armyofmen.com

The ARMY OF MEN website is hosted by Shopify and all payments are done through Shopify Payments or PayPal.
Shopify is certified Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.
For information about Shopify's PCI Compliance reports, see Viewing Shopify's compliance reports.
We do not store or see the credit card details.
We do not share any of our customers' information with any other parties.
Check out our PRIVACY POLICY.