We design and make the best gear we can.
Everything you see here was dreamt up, prototyped, tested and handmade by us.
EVERY DETAIL, every stitch, every snap, and every rivet IS US.

We are a little group of makers and perfectionists,
with years of experience in leather and fashion,
constantly striving to improve our technique and skills,
specialising in making leather gear that we love to wear.


We've spent hours designing and re-designing our products to give you options.
Wear your gear the way you want.
Harnesses and braces can be worn multiple ways.
Add-on products allow you to change your existing gear.
Codpieces, waistbands, and front straps are interchangeable.
Colours and hardware are customisable.


Most of our accessories have 6 sizes, and our harnesses have up to 10 sizes, plus 3 height options.
Our sizes also overlap so you'll never be on the marginal end of a size.
Just to make sure, we make every strap adjustable.
Your gear can grow with you.
How tight you like to wear your gear is a very individual preference, so even if you get the right size it might not feel perfect for you.
No worries. We have a full returns and exchange policy.


Party all day or play all night.
Most other leather gear is made from one layer of hard belting leather.
Our products use four layers of premium leather.
Soft enough to mould to your body.
Strong enough to take a beating.
Once you get your hands on our gear you'll understand.


To make the best gear you need to start with the best leather.
Most of our leather is premium Italian full-grain upholstery cowhide.
It costs a heap more, but it means our gear is strong, soft, and the colour is consistent.
You can order a coloured harness one year and a jock the next and have them match perfectly.
Most of our products are made with 4 layers of internally reinforced leather.
The top 2 layers are chosen for their colour richness, finish, and strength.
The bottom 2 layers are soft lining leathers that makes it easy to wear all night.


All our strap and belt ends are sealed and then painted with products designed to protect the leather.
One of the many details that ensures our products stand out from the rest.


Ever bought gear that tarnished or rusted?
We certainly have, so where possible we use stainless steel or black powder coated accessories.
Our custom-made black buckles are PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated, for superior scratch-resistance.
All of this means your gear will stay looking great for longer. 


Once you have decided what you want, getting your gear is easy.
Free standard shipping for Aussies.
Express International shipping for everyone else.  
Flat rate charge no matter the size of order. 
Deliveries can be tracked online so you'll always know where your gear is.